Genesis – Complete Genealogy

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I was considering revealing this a bit at a time as I go over Genesis, but then figured “what the Hell?” and just went ahead and did the whole thing. In short, this is (to the best of my ability) a complete list and family tree of every named character in Genesis. Post-Noah, where the tribe was mentioned, I would try and dotted-line back to it. I may have missed some cases and not all tribes mapped to ones mentioned in the “Table of Nations”.

Some of the incest is very difficult to show in chart form. Lot’s children with his daughters are just listed as their children; similarly, Judah’s children with his daughter-in-law Tamar are listed as just hers.

There are well-known “errors” in the genealogy data for Esau and I have tried to follow the convention. Esau’s three wives are each referred to by two different names and two separate wives are called “Basemath” (you can tell them apart because their parents are listed). I’ve smoothed that out and list Beeri and Anah as the parents of Judith since each are mentioned as her parents in different locations, maybe they were a couple. There are also some cases where an individual is listed as being someone’s son in one place and grandson in another. I’m taking that as “grandson” and assuming this is just a literary convention from the Hebrew translation.

This was done in OmniGraffle for the Mac. In some ways, it does a great job of laying out the trees and figuring out the best way to present the data. And yet, there are still too many lines and it does a terrible job sometimes of sorting children when a man has more than one wife and they both have children. Maybe I’ll fix this by hand eventually. Overall, this is readable but not great.

And finally, black lines are direct descent, dotted lines are tribal descent, and red lines are lists of kings. (In this case, Genesis has an oddly placed list of Kings of Edom with one of the kings married into Esau’s descendants. That is reproduced here in red for lack of a better way.)

And I’m done! Now to get back to procrastinating writing about Noah.

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