Genealogy – Exodus Complete!

I’ve just completed adding Exodus to my geneology chart of every named character in the bible. Compared to Genesis, this was easy: only about 46 named characters (some of them aren’t really named, like Pharaoh, but I include them anyway), far far fewer than there are in Genesis. That makes sense: I found 27 generations of names in Genesis, but only 5 in Exodus. I expect to find even fewer in Leviticus.

The image, and more notes, after the break.

A few odd things:

  • Reuel, Moses’s father-in-law takes the medal for being the first character in the bible (that I found) to have three names. There are lots of two-named characters (Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, to name just a few), but Reuel is named Jethro and Jether in two other locations. This could be a textual anomaly, possibly even one of those points where multiple texts are sewn together.
  • I’m making the assumption that Joshua is one of the youngest and so is in the final generation. This may be made more clear if a fuller genealogy is given of him elsewhere.
  • Ahisamach and Hur (and their children and grandchildren) are listed as part of the tribes of Dan and Judah, respectively, but no direct connection is given. I’m assuming a gap of only one generation will suffice.

I’m positive there are errors here! Let me know about them!

Thanks to Omnigraffle for selling software that I could use to do this, though as you can see it’s far from perfect. The software ends up making less-than-optimal choices for some of the easier subgraphs, crossing lines when it’s not necessary, etc. But if you have need to make insanely complex charts, that’s what I recommend you use! I’m cautiously optimistic they will have a better version by the time that I am done that will make this look better. Anyone know anyone that works there? 🙂

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  1. It seems to me that Abraham was not lying when he reflected that he would be 100 at Isaac’s birth … unless he was a ‘young’ 99 when Isaac was conceived.

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