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I’m procrastinating again, but I found an absolutely wonderful (and geeky) link that I just had to share. It does have another unnecessary Doctor Who reference, and I absolutely promise to not do two of those in a row again.

I’ve just discovered “Five Minute Bible”, an absolutely brilliant set of brief podcasts by “tim”. Topics range from the serious to the silly and I feel I could be spending quite a bit of time with “tim” in five-minute increments over the next couple of weeks. Check him out:

  • God the Dalek – Tim looks at God’s genocidal tendencies in the Hebrew Bible, specifically a passage in Deuteronomy 7. Spoilers: He finds that when God is using particularly inflammatory language, he’s just exaggerating for effect. (And shows clues in the text to point at this determination.)
  • Humor in the Bible – Genesis – Tim looks at places where the bible uses wordplay or other techniques be humorous, though we may read it as being dry today. There’s a whole series of these going through most of the books and well worth a listen.
  • Understanding the Prophets – Amos – The maintainer may be on vacation since this is dated almost a month ago, but this is the most recent of his podcasts.
I hope you find some enjoyment in these. My post on Sukkot in the Bible should be ready tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for the really kind words 🙂 I’m delighted that you have enjoyed my podcasts, it has taken a while but at least they seem to be building an audience. I’m not on holiday, rather snowed under between work and home with little time to spare. But I will be continuing, and finishing my humour in the Bible series (soon I hope) I’m up to Ezekiel, except I am cheating and intending to ask a friend who’s doing her PhD on Lamentations to help me with that one and have not asked yet…

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