Who Is the Audience for Genesis? (And Blog-Related Notes)

I’ll state the obvious: the blog is back on a regular posting schedule! My hiatus was unintended, but as I also work, teach, and take classes sometimes I get a little overwhelmed. And, when that happens, my independent study (and from there, my blogging) suffers. Thank you for sticking around.

My goal is two posts per week until September, but I am also back at work on my poster-sized genealogy of all named (and some unnamed) figures in the Torah. I haven’t decided the best way to present that yet. The material is, except for the shock and awe value, pretty boring. Of the hundreds of figures named in the Torah, only a handful have stories associated with them. What I am most drawn to is the creative process of assembling it and dealing with the ambiguities and, well, errors that are in there.

In lieu of an actual post, please take a listen to “Who Is The Audience for Genesis“, a post in Dr. Tim Bulkeley’s Five Minute Bible podcast, which I’ve linked to before.



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