Where Are We? Where Are We Going?

I did proDeadSeaScrolls_Amman_Museummise a few moments of navel gazing, but I swear it will be over quickly. Let’s be blunt: if you’re reading this, it’s not because you cherish regular updates in a blog. Or, if you do, you have the patience of an elephant. We’re nearly 1000 days old with 83 posts– and while once every two weeks sounds pretty good on paper, it’s really just been fits and starts with periods of lots of progress followed by long periods of inactivity. I apologize for that.

My plan is to get back to a regular posting schedule with a mix of “main narrative” posts as I continue to work my way through Genesis, plus interruptions as I finish up my Torah Family Tree project and all the little one-offs that I find so mesmerizing. My wife has also made a special request for a post which I hope to finish this week. This should continue over the summer, but I will be having a child in August and I have no idea how that will affect my ability to read and study. My hope is that now that I am out of school (for a while), I’ll be able to devote more time to blogging over all.

As we get to this magic 1000 days of blogging, I value  your feedback. What do you like and want to see more of? What less? You can reach me most easily on our Facebook page, or on Twitter at @coatofcolors.

Can I promise that I will be a better blog-host? Absolutely not. But darned it, I want to be and I want to share this journey with you. So please hold on, and there’s some fantastic stuff coming!


One thought on “Where Are We? Where Are We Going?”

  1. Feedback in general is a bit difficult for me, I read in a feed reader, and so the personality of blogs that don’t post often tends to get obscured (except for the post in front of me)… I wonder if it is like that now for most blog readers, except for the (few?) real fans each of us (blog writers) hopes we have 😉 Many find posts through Google or links on another blog, others subscribe and read in a reader… little context or personality in either case… so my advice (which I do not myself follow, I confess) is to write each post as a standalone piece…

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