Timeline of Genesis From Adam to Joseph

According to the story in Genesis, there were around 2,300 years from the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden to the exodus of the Israelites in Egypt. Along the way, there were 23 generations, a flood, several famines, and generation after generation of lost stories. Many readers skim over these sections for the narrative portions of the book, but if we look carefully at these “begats” we can not only seeing biblical man becoming more like us, but there is also plenty of room for surprise. Did you know that Abraham could have met Noah? Or that Eber, for whom the Hebrew tribe is named, outlived his great-great-great-great grandson?

Come, take a look! There will be graphs!

Complete Timeline of Genesis
Complete Timeline of Genesis

(This post is part of a continuing series of commentaries on Genesis, starting at the very beginning, but they get better as we go on. This one covers an earlier part of Genesis than where I currently am in the narrative with Jacob and Esau. You may be interested in some of my other “charts” posts including a pricing guide for shekels in the bible or my massive family tree of everyone in the Torah.) 


Before we begin, an exercise for the reader. Quickly turn your favorite bible to Genesis 5:6. It’s not an important passage and probably reads like this:

When Seth had lived 105 years, he became the father of Enosh.
Genesis 5:6

Your bible, whether you are Jewish or Christian, probably says that Seth had Enosh when he was 105 years old. However some bibles, those that are based on a Greek translation, say that he was 205 years old. If you have the higher number, your bible isn’t wrong, but it’s not based on the Masoretic text version of the chronology. All of my graphs assume that version because it’s the version that I read and also what nearly all of you do, but just keep an asterisk in the back of your mind that some bibles are slightly different.

From Adam to Noah

The genealogies that connect Adam to Noah are given in Genesis 5, immediately after the story of Caine and Abel. There are ten generations from Adam to Noah and each of the stanzas look a bit like this one:

When Seth had lived 105 years, he became the father of Enosh. After he became the father of Enosh, Seth lived 807 years and had other sons and daughters. Altogether, Seth lived a total of 912 years, and then he died.
Genesis 5:6-8

Each stanza covers one generation, relates when the first son if born, and how long the person after. In each of these cases, the key line to Abraham comes through the first-born, which is also always a son. At this point in the story, humans– at least these humans– live a very long time, around 900 years. That gives them plenty of time to populate the world, though obviously none of them survive the flood anyway.

Putting them together, the timeline looks like this:

Timeline from Adam to the Flood. Noah and Shem's bar have been truncated.
Timeline from Adam to the Flood. Noah and Shem’s bar have been truncated.


As you would expect, only Noah and Shem’s line continues past the end of the graph, the flood. It’s a little difficult to see, but Lamech died five years before the flood, while Methuselah died in the same year. Everyone save Enoch and Lamech lived around 925 years.

Enoch is the stand-out in this list, an important figure in Christian and Jewish theology. The trick was that Enoch didn’t die, he was subsumed bodily into heaven at a paltry 365 years of age:

When Enoch had lived 65 years, he became the father of Methuselah. After he became the father of Methuselah, Enoch walked faithfully with God 300 years and had other sons and daughters. Altogether, Enoch lived a total of 365 years. Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.
Genesis 5:21-24

These four lines have been written about again and again, but strangely not in the Hebrew bible itself. Outside of a brief mention in 1 Chronicles, Enoch is never mentioned again. His importance increased by the time of the common era, leading Enoch to be mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament, to have a Book of Enoch accepted as part of the bible canon for 50 million African Christians, and to have several later works of pseudopigrapha ascribed to him. He’s the subject of countless legends and stories. Rather than try to cover all that here, I’ll come back to him in another post shortly.

My other key question as I look at this list is with Methuselah. He died the same year of the flood– does that mean he died before the flood? Was he the last good person, other than Noah’s family, to die which permitted God to strike down the world? Some of those bibles with different dates I mentioned earlier even have him surviving the flood, though it is not explained how. Of course, the bible text itself doesn’t give us answers to those questions.

In contrast, Methuselah stands out because he has the longest lifespan of any figure mentioned in the bible: 969 years. But more significant than his long life is the fact that he died in the year of the flood! Did he did in the flood or before it? Did God patiently wait for him to pass before destroying the world? And if he were righteous enough to prevent the destruction for his sake, why didn’t he just get invited on the ark? Some ancient bibles, though not translations we use today, even have Methuselah miraculously (and inexplicably) survive the flood and die some years later. Of course, the bible gives us no answers to those questions.

If you believe Star Trek, Methuselah lived on into the 23rd century.
If you believe Star Trek, Methuselah lived on into the 23rd century.

From Noah to Joseph

After the flood, Genesis continues with two separate genealogies: the “table of nations” in Genesis 10 which describes the dispersion of Noah’s descendants into tribes, and then Genesis 11 which digs down the into the ten more generations until we get to Abraham. These verses are arranged almost identically to the ones in Genesis 5:

When Shelah had lived 30 years, he became the father of Eber. And after he became the father of Eber, Shelah lived 403 years and had other sons and daughters.
Genesis 11:14-15

The largest change in this second chronology is how man’s lifespan begins to change. It’s not immediate, but pretty much every generation after Noah lived a shorter time than their predecessor:

Timeline from the Flood to Joseph. Noah and Shem were born prior. Dates after Abraham are approximate.
Timeline from the Flood to Joseph. Noah and Shem were born prior. Dates after Abraham are approximate.

Fortunately, this is one bible fact that is explained, at least in part. Just prior to the flood, God saw the wickedness of the world and set a new limit on how long people could live, 120 years:

Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.”
Genesis 6:3

God doesn’t execute this change immediately. Instead, each succeeding generation seems to be a bit shorter up to the end of the Torah. Aaron, for example, lived to be 123. I may make another post about this in the future, if I can remember how to do a bit of mat I’ve long since forgotten.

The decrease in ages also led to some interesting– and perhaps quite sad– effects. Eber, for example, outlived his great-great-great-great grandchildren, and could even have met Jacob. Noah was still alive when Abraham was in his 50s. There’s an opportunity here for biblical legends, but also sadness. How lonely it must have been for those cursed to live a long life when even their grandchildren were passing away decades earlier!

Uncertainty About Abraham

Generation after generation, Genesis carefully records the years when individuals were born– until Abraham. The exact wording is like this:

After Terah had lived 70 years, he became the father of Abram, Nahor and Haran.
Genesis 11:26

That doesn’t say that Abram/Abraham was born when Terah was 70 years old, but says that he was born “after” 70 years. It could have been 70, if Abraham was the first-born, but the bible also never tells us that he is. There’s a similar ambiguity in Genesis 5 about when Shem was born, but then Genesis comes out and clarifies a few verses later. Here, no such luck.

In my charts, I make the assumption that Abram was born where Terah was 70 years old. It’s the cleanest way to read the passage, in my opinion, and is probably only off by a year or two at most. There is a second school of thought that some biblical commentators use (such as this list here) which place Abraham birth as much later. The logic for this calculation is that Genesis gives us Abraham’s age when he left Harran for Canaan (75) and Terah’s age when he died (205). The supposition then is that Abraham stayed in Harran until his father died before moving on, thus making him being born when Terah was 130 years old instead of 70. In that case, Abraham could never have met Noah. It’s plausible, but the text doesn’t say and I’ll take the simpler view that he was born around when 11:26 says he was.

Another odd thing about Abraham is all of the first-borns that he is descended from, but it’s not 100% consistent. Abraham is descended from Adam’s third son, Noah’s second, and himself may not have been the firstborn of Terah. It’s an odd little note and I don’t think it means anything, but something I noticed along the way.

The Final Timeline

And here is the final timeline showing both before and after the flood:

Complete Timeline of Genesis
Complete Timeline of Genesis

It’s sort of beautiful, isn’t it? Or is that just my love of graphs coming through?

I hope you enjoyed this diversion. Coming up next next (or soon) will be a look at the life of Enoch, as seen through the Book of Enoch. And there’s plenty more Jacob and Esau coming up!

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    1. That is true! One of the points I was making with this post was that the dates are very good up to Abraham and then the seems to forget or imply that it is unimportant– when it must have been important earlier for there to be so much precision.

      1. book of Jasher tells you Abraham was born in the 70th year of terah if you dont subscribe to the book of Jasher its validity is found in Joshua 10:13,

        1. Jasher uses the same Flood 2349bc as James Ussher. Its Terah is born 2127bc to Abram at 70 in 2057bc. Thus all Jasher dates before the Exodus are 60 years before Ussher’s dates. The 2127bc is a mistake on the following facts. Peleg founded Ur and made Reu the appointed elder (king) upon grandson Serug’s birth in 2207bc (not Jasher-Ussher’s 2186bc). Reu then ruled Ur for 80 years until 2127bc when Serug was 80 years old. Terah was born 2148bc not 2127bc. But it is presumed by those writers that Serug took over kingship of his father Reu when Serug became a grandpa to Terah. And so Terah got shifted 21 years from 2148bc to 2127bc. This is what shifts Ussher those 21 years all the way to a 588bc destruction that modern scholars place at 586bc to be 70 years to a temple completed in 516bc.

    2. Yes it does say when Joseph was born. It says he worked 7 years to get wives, and it says he had 11 sons in 7 years, and then worked 6 more years so that he left Syria in these 20 years. That places the birth of Joseph in 1767bc so that he was 17 years old and given a king’s coat to celebrate the death of 1750bc Hamurabi who had destroyed Semetic family Mari Syria inspiring Jacob to flee Harran Syria. Jacob then renegged on his words for Judah who was born in 2256am (the numeric false Greek Flood which is 600 after the Flood and so 1770bc) when Nimrod died at age 500 on Mekir 15 (April 22). Judah was blessed at birth as the good king who would replace the bad 500-year old Nimrod. However, this faith held true only because in 1750bc Jacob thought Joseph was dead. In 1750bc Jacob had reselected Joseph as the firstborn son of the promised barren first wife, like Sarah (Isaac’s mother), and also like Abram’s mother. The rise of Joseph in 1738bc to rule 7 years 1737-1730bc is then verified by Jewish Seder Olam mistaking this 1738bc as the year Abram entered Egypt at age 75. This occurs because the Seder Olam has the same 205-year Mars (Marduk) that continues from the reality. Terah is born 2148bc dies 1943bc when Abram is 75, and instead the next Marduk is 1943-1737bc when Joseph rules but Seder Olam places 1737bc as the death of a 145-year old Terah.

    3. Replace my previous comment with this clarity.
      Yes it does say when Joseph was born. It says Jacob worked 7 years to get wives, and it says Jacob had 11 sons in 7 years, and then worked 6 more years so that Jacob left Syria in these 20 years. That places the birth of Joseph in 1767bc so that Joseph was 17 years old and given a king’s coat to celebrate the death of 1750bc Hamurabi who had destroyed the Semetic family of Mari Syria inspiring Jacob to flee Harran Syria. Jacob then renegged on his words for baby Judah at birth 1770bc, the 2256am (numeric false Greek Flood which is 600 after the Flood) which is when Nimrod died at age 500 on Mekir 15 (April 22). Judah was thus blessed at birth as the good king who would replace the bad 500-year old Nimrod. However, this fated faith held true only because in 1750bc Jacob thought his firstborn son Joseph was dead. In 1750bc Jacob had reselected his 17-year old son Joseph as the firstborn son of the promised barren first wife, like Sarah (Isaac’s mother), and also like Abram’s mother, doing so in rejoicing that bad men (kings) like Hamurabi die young instead of at 500 like Nimrod.

      The rise of Joseph in 1738bc to rule 7 years 1737-1730bc is then verified by Jewish Seder Olam mistaking this 1738bc as the year Abram entered Egypt at age 75. This occurs because the Seder Olam has the same 205-year Mars (Marduk) that continues from the reality. Terah is born 2148bc dies 1943bc when Abram is 75, and instead the next Marduk is 1943-1737bc when Joseph rules but Seder Olam places 1737bc as the death of a 145-year old Terah.

  1. Not so. It says Jacob was born when Isaac was 60, and it says Jacob entered Egypt in the 2nd year of famine at age 130. Joseph was 30 upon appointment to grow crops 7 years to age 37 and 2 years of famine makes him born 39 years before this 130 or when his father was 91 married 7 years age 84-91 having worked 7 years 77-84. Isaac thus blessed him at 137 which is the age of (Shelah) Shiloh coming to the tower of Ur because 137 Julian is exactly 139 of 360-day where we find 137 everywhere in Genesis and thus very likely Jacon too blessed at 137 ten years before dying.

    1. (rehash) Not so. It says Jacob was born when Isaac was 60 (or 1918-1858bc), and it says Jacob entered Egypt in the 2nd year of famine at age 130 (1858-1728bc). Joseph was 30 (in 1737bc) upon appointment to grow crops 7 years (1737-1730BC) to age 37 (so 37 years is 1767-1730bc) and 2 years of famine makes him born 39 years (1767-1728bc) before this 130 (1858-1728bc) or when his father was 91 (as 1858-1767bc) married 7 years from age 84-91 (or 1774-1767bc) having worked 7 years from 77-84 (or 1781-1774bc). Isaac at 137 thus blessed Jacob at 77 (in 1781bc) which is the age of (Shelah) Shiloh coming to the tower of Ur at age 100 (born 2333-2233bc) because 137 Julian (Flood 2370-2233bc) is exactly 139 of 360-day where we find numeric 137 everywhere repeatedly in Genesis. And thus very likely Jacob too blessed his 12 sons at 137 (in 1721bc) ten years before dying (in 1711bc) at age 147 (or 1858-1711bc). Thus all timeline chronologies know it is 215 years from Abram at 75 until entrance in the 2nd year of famine. Any attempt to reduce 430 years (Abram’s 25 + Isaac’s age 5 + 400 abused by Egypt) down to 400 years as Isaac’s birth to Exodus will only reduce those 5 years from Exodus, not from the 215 of Jacob.
      The abuse of true Shem-doctrine by Egyptians is not when they come to Egypt so as to add 215+400 (or as some do 215+430) but when Hagar’s Egyptian doctrines are taught to her son Ishmael so that he speaks Arabic-Islamic Egyptian beliefs condemning the manhood of 5-year old Isaac still nursing. This effect on the timeline is also in Josephus where he says Isaac died at 185 not 180. But it is also connected to an Greek Exodus Christmas (Egyptian date Kayak 25 on Dec 25) which falls as 1498bc (Egyptian), but 1478bc Persian (of 1513bc) and Persian Zoroaster (of 388bc), but as 1518bc by Persian Yezdezred (of 632AD). The 1518bc reduces 5 years from 1513bc by placing Yezdezred Kayak 25 (Furvurdeen) on December 25. Since Zoroaster and Yezdezred month of Thoth is Persian Den (ten) or Deen (teen) as Din and has its Persian Christmas Thoth 25, the I can only presume Firvirdin means Farther Ten, the futher or later 10th month. Much like the Chinese decade-year and Chinese decade-day Ting or Ding derived from teen or ten, until they chose Kwei (Gui) instead.

  2. Mars has a 205 Julian year calendar (208 of 360-day for 780-day Mars). It is also 130-year (10x 13 year) spanning 128 Julian. The 2-year shift of the 130 is part of the confusion and i have uncovered the reason is because Nimrod did not create the “Mars” Marduk. It was Nahor of Ur who created upon Terah’s birth (who then lived 205) a Terah TAU Marduk of absent Mars on the new year. Haran of Ur then took this calendar to Nimrod to build Marduk Temple at Babel. But in making it a rising Mars of new year, this is 2 years (720 days) before Terah’s TAU falls on new year. This is then confused by Greeks who presume 52 years of Nineveh (2058-2007bc) are 52 years of Marduk Temple (2060-2009bc) and so they shift Abram by 2 years. Then in 2049bc Haran leaves Nineveh to build his city Harran Syria and his new year Marduk is 2 years before the Babel Marduk. It is this Marduk that 20 days is added to fit Mayan Marduk of Copan and Izapa America. We thus have a sequence of every 2 years (720 days) that a new year Marduk exists in three different cities. This 780-day Mars is thus in any given year a Terah TAU followed 60 days later by Babel’s Marduk and another 60 days to Harran Syria’s Marduk and then 20 days to Mayan Marduk. The path thus indicates that Mayans who left Ur after Peleg’s death then went back to Babel but since they picked up Harran Syria’s Marduk not Babel’s it indicates they resided at Mari Syria before Hamurabi dragged all Asians of Mari back to Babylon in 1762bc and 137 years later Amizaduga freed them on his death 1625bc (Adam’s year 2400 beginning the 3600-year Shar as an Armageddon countdown). The Chinese and Maya refusing to stay with 1900bc Harappa India then dwelt at Mohen Jo Daro until 1437bc (the 60-year revision by 1497bc king YU who took them to Xian China). His 100 years is post exodus (global comet disaster) and thus 1497-1397bc but does fit the Mayan 1600 tun (4 baktun) when they change the 1600 of Noah’s Flood 3114-3113bc from 1514-1513bc to Mayan 1537bc implying they change king YU to 100 years as 1537-1437bc. So it is clear that Koreans did leave Xian China with Mayans in 1437bc to move onward from the Chinese in YU’s first year. This YU son of Xia is not to be confused with Reu son of Peleg who is credited with Shelah’s birth year 2333bc and his coming to Ur at age 100 in 2233bc. This is how Marduk gets to Copan America to be a Sept 1 of 3113bc Arpaxad just like Greek Sept 1 of 2957bc Arpaxad.

    1. Gibberish!!! If you believe in the most high and planets, then your confused… In (Jude 1:13 Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; [wandering stars], to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.) In this verse we know that Jude is talking to the the fallen angels verse 6 he continues by calling them wandering stars… Strong’s Concordance for wandering stars…..Strong’s Concordance G4107: 4107 planḗtēs (a masculine noun derived from 4105 /planáō, “to wander”) – properly, a wandering star (planet); (figuratively) a false teacher, operating without moral compass and exploiting other aimless people – i.e. prompting them to also stray from God’s circle of safety.

      so if you believe in planets brother than you fall also stray from the most high circle of safety… its false teaching Job 9:24 the earth was handed to the wicked.

      1. No wandering here. One successful direction. Joshua not Jasher. Jasher says 1556 years preFlood, Moses (and Joshua) say 1656 preFlood (162-year Jared for Enoch).
        Every time i speak out as God Jehovah commands me to, the demons who answer give me more of God. YOU said gibberish, and what i heard is then a gibber is a monkey. The year Ur fell and divided is 2029bc the Monkey Year. The Japanese use the word Sar as the monkey year, and Sar or Czar, Shar or Shah all means kings scattered like monkeys. So gibberish (monkey) means the same as babble (Babel). However, i thank God for understanding gibberish, I do not thank you Judas, nor your father the devil Jasher. Repent. Jasher is based on the idea that when Serug began rule of Ur in 2127bc and that this was because Terah was born, and 70 years later Abram in 2057bc. The Greeks beleive Terah was born in 2088bc as 70 before 2018bc. Instead, Abram was born inthe 32nd year of Harran Syria (2049bc) built by his brother. It was not the 32nd year of his brother. Haran was not born when Terah was 39 (3x 13 year Mars) 2088-2049bc but rather Terah was 60 in 2088bc and 39 years later Haran’s city Harran was built. YOU say i worship planets, but you worship false timeline numbers. Your numbers swirl and wander in aimless direction more than my planets do. You are like Hindu who boast the most accurate math of planets for a country who didnt walk the moon. As Moses had Joshua, my God has given me my apprentice. I am teaching her using SKYPE from Portugal to the USA. Yet odd how Caleb is the one wanting to make sure he gets his pick of land for a man who could see or be taught wisely as Joshua was. Is this why YOU publish? to secure your personal land on the web?

      2. Before I define gibberish (which is monkey-talk of a gibbon), I would like to point out that a demon would say a planet is a wanderer so that planets wander from truth as do people who study time with planets. And this is why I accuse such hearts of deliberate malice maliciousness, because all Israel wandered punished in Sinai for 40 years so did that make them all demons, all astray, all wicked as the world, the ones who followed Joshua rewarded with the promised land Canaan? Seems to me you like to apply wicked to wanderers who are unworthily rewarded by God to be Israel the house of God. In fact the sabbath in booths to recall how they wandered was worshipped every single annual year. And that sabboth or sakkoth on Saturday is the same word used for Saturn so does it mean pagan Romans knew Jews worshipped the goat star (a devil star)? Word games do not teach. But word games are not just deep things that seem to ramble or confuse. It is also people who take and use to exalt who they wish (praise God) and condemn who they wish (he’s the devil, hang him on a cross). You have taught nothing, and millions of net posters teach n othing with their name-calling when there is no proof form them of why they use the name. BUT i use the words goat and devil with the proof you wish to just label my words as if you will stop people from reading them. I see no sense in worshipping Jasher because Joshua quotes him, any more than worshipping Wilbur the Pig when it was Charlotte the spider that God gave the power to write in English.

  3. The correct is 360-day new year September 1 is 2088bc which is a Harran Syria Marduk which is 70 years before Abram’s birth. Eusebius says Abram was 9 when the Marduk calendar was 52 years old (Marduk Street was paved in 2009bc). Thus 2088bc is presumed as Terah’s birth merely because it is both a Harran Syrian Marduk (Mars) and a Chinese 60-year Jupiter Marduk 70 years before Abram instead of the actual date 2148bc July 18 rise of Sothis at Ur. Most, almost all chronologies use this 2088bc as Terah’s birth or as Haran’s birth.

  4. The truth of who was firstborn, Shem or Ham or Japheth. AND

    The truth on who was firstborn Haran or Nahor or Abram. All three were. Haran is firstborn when Terah is 70, but several chronologies place him as firstborn when Terah was 39 so Abram is born when Terah is 70. In either case, Haran is first. The solution is easy. It is not Haran who was 32 when Abram was born at Terah’s 70, but rather Haran born at Terah’s 70 then built Harran the city which was 32 when Abram was born in Terah’s 130. This unveils a Harran Marduk of his city, not a Haran Marduk of his birth. The 39-year error (13-year Mars) is then created of year 2088bc before the city is built in 2049bc which is then 32 when Abram is born. Haran loses his firstborn rights on two counts. First, he is dead before Abram is born. And so his son Lot should get his rights, not Abram. However, Haran is born of the 2nd wife because the 1st wife is barren. Then Nahor is born and he is given the name of grandpa for a reason. The suicide to join Peleg in heaven is Nahor and grandson Haran. That is Ur’s founder Peleg (Xia) Mes.Anipada is 700 years younger than Noah, but shockingly dies an old man, so Nahor Mes.Kalumdug and grandson Haran A.Kalumdug decide to join him by killing their 68 wives with 6 guards striking them in the head with a mercury tipped hand pick. They do this because Peleg’s son Reu (Chinese king YU) and Nahor’s son Terah both refuse to do this horrid thing. Thus with both his father Nahor dead taking his son Haran too, Terah gives no honor to LOT but instead gives firstborn rights to a new baby Nahor. However, Nahor loses rights simply because the barren 1st wife comes thru with baby Abram. The tradition presumes Haran died when Abram burned down his father’s house before leaving Ur so that king AmarPal (Amar-Sin) the son of Shulgi wouldnt gloat by taking it over as his treasures. This is one reason AmarPal comes to Canaan in war 7 years later.

    Shem is a different case of confusion. Nimrod is an Egyptian Melchizedek who dies at 500. This is confused with Noah 500 when his oldest postFlood surviving son was born (many other sons drowned, not just the 4th one that the Koran speaks of), and Melchizedek Shem 500 after Arpaxad was born. In extended chronology another Melchizedek is created living 600 years to rule Salem. BUT it is very clear in many chronologies that Shem passed his title to Abram so that no one should honor Nimrod as righteous merely because he will become the last of longevity. The solution is based on Venus. Though the Phoenix (Venus) rises when Nimrod dies at 500, it is a 502 year cycle not 500. The Shem-Ramis is 251 years Gregorian seasonal, 243 years Julian Sothic, and 235 years sidereal rotation between pentacle points. Thus twice the 251-year is 502 making 251 a Greek semi-Ramis. All three of these are found in Genesis and fit into the 1200-year Venus if mulitplied by the 5-point Venus as 1175 years, and 1215 years, and 1255 years. (1200 egyptian years are 1199 Julian and thus just two 8-year venus before 1215).

  5. If your Ible says 205 for Seth having Enosh, it is because the version added 1200 years to Genesis for a cycle of Venus (which the world lies and claims is 12-year Jupiter). This cycle rotates the 5-point pentacle Venus path by 180 days in 600 years and so they add 600 after Flood and 600 before Flood so that Noah’s “birth” being born again in Adams year 1656am is Noah’s birth instead of Noah’s Flood (2256am). The change then from Assyrian Flood 2256am (2970bc) to Greek 2242am (2958bc) is caused by Hamurabi’s Marduk date 2243am in 1791bc May 5 which is 13-year Mars before 2256am (1778bc Feb 2) in 360-day calendar. Egyptian year 600 or 2256am is 1770bc (Thoth Marduk November 9) when Nimrod died (April 22) in Egypt and was buried with the name Narmer at Abydos (regarded as the abyss of Satan). The rising Phoenix of July 10 is 500 year Nimrod because Venus is 502 years (Shem-Ramis) not 500, though Nimrod does die 251-year Venus after Noah dies and that is a Semi-Ramis (half-honored). The Venus of 1770bc (July 10) not 1778bc (July 12) is verified because July 10 is also the day Mars is behind the sun and called Tamuz, and that is verified by Solomon finding Mars behind the sun in 997bc on July 10 year 40 when he died. The Tamuz of 1770bc is when Judah was born and is why this fact that Tamuz is 773 Julian years not the expected 780 years caused the nation to argue whether Tamuz was star of the father Israel or star of the son Judah. So the prophet said your both wrong it is the star of Nimrod. Truth is it marks all three men.

  6. To say that God warned Noah of death by Flood 120 years before that Flood does not mean the day and hour had been seen for it. And yet it would remain a warning 120 years before everyone from birth to age 969 all die. It is not a longevity statement of Moses being 120. The parents of Moses lived 137. His brother 123. Joshua died at age 110 like Josephwho died at 110 a whole 200 years before him. All of Israel died at 60 in Sinai. The 120-year is not a longevity prediction. The Bible presents Adam and Eve as disputing truth and lie because it wants you to know people will lie and claim 120-year death was a longevity prophecy. It was not. Just like astronomers were claiming Enoch died at age 365 to predict the year would change from 360-day to 365-day. Another lie. The world lies. So be cautious with what you decide is true.

    1. Eber died 4 years after Abraham, when Isaac was 79 and Jacob was 19, not 60 years later when Isaac was 139, and Jacob 79 (in Harran Syria for 2 years). The blessing Isaac performed at age 137 (symbol of Shelah/Shiloh at age 100 blessing the city Ur in the world’s year 137 Julian years with 35 leap days from Flood) so Isaac at age 137 blessing when Jacob was 77 is the formula of 139 of 360-day so that it is easily claimed to be 139 not 137, and thus also easily claimed to be a blessing of Shelah for Eber as if now Eber dies when Isaac is 139. But though Eber is those who pass thru living 464 when others die 137-180, and Eber also stayed in Kish (passed his time awaiting) as an alien instead of building Ur with his son Peleg, the Eber legacy is passed to Abram who proved doctrine by leaving Ur, (though Eber dies after Abram so as to claim it is now passed onto Isaac). This doesnt mean Eber died after Isaac too because both time-chrons have Isaac alive when Eber dies in the 60-year alternative. Isaac died the year Joseph became ruler, so that Isaac thinks Joseph is dead at 17, just a Joseph’s mother Rachel also thinks Joseph is dead at 17 never to know until they are resurrected.
      SO LONGEVITY does it decline? You tell me. Adam died 930, Jared died 962, Methuselah died 969, then Noah 950. Looks up not down as angels are on earth helping people. Then you have the crash. Is it 797 years to Exodus? 857 years? Greek Flood 2958bc to 1511bc (1447 years)? The speed or crash of longevity is pending on this truth. But then it is level for 3500 years to today. This is carbon-14 on DNA aging us and any or all organic life (deep ocean less than on land), and guess what you idiots, it can be purged from DNA by people the same way they take oxygen under water or into outer space by application of truth (true science, not schools of science filled with liars like churches are, both Catholic and yep WatchTower). God can also purge it burning fossil fuels, oil, volcano eruptions and a water canopy to stop more C-14 from being made.
      Who calculated the math? I will refrain from saying thatIdid in February 1985 and instead say Jehovah did inside my Commodore 64 computer. And if this knowledge was heeded it would have undone Peleg’s 30 years of eating C-14 from 2269-2239bc during 1985-2015 so that these 30 years of purged C-14 would not have the age-preference created by these 40 years of punishment from 1975-2015. Instead the faith of the old ones (with C-14 and so will die after Armageddon) must drag their unfaithful youth thru Armageddon knowing the aging will stop for those under 20, reverse into youth for those 20-40, extend life but not stop death for those 40-60, but do nothing for those over 60 who will require 30 years to purge and will not succeed because they haughtily defied truth in 1985. Their reward is merely surviving the armageddon of 2016 knowing they got their children through it. And that their children will soon resurrect them back.

  7. Here is where Jasher is wrong. The city (Ur) and Babel are not the same. They were not both ruled by Nimrod. In fact both peoples came from the city Kish (Cush). And Babel was nothing more than a tower built as an outpost astral observatory for Kish with assigned positions of priesthood by men who would be labeled as appointed elders (or kings). Peleg divided the city of Kish in half by disagreeing with Nimrod and he took them to build Ur. Babel became a city at Peleg’s death when Ur divided. But most went to Mari Syria and Harran Syria and Nineveh. And Because Terah was 70 in Ur when Haran was born (2148-2078bc not the Greek 2088-2018bc claiming Terah was 70 when Abram was born) these 60 years places Abram’s birth of 2018bc after the death of Noah that became Greek Christmas 2021bc Dec 25 (the date that is Mayan new year Pop 1 every 1460 years) and was followed by a 40-day seance rapture at Babel to the Egyptian date 2020bc Thoth 25 (which is Persian Christmas of Feb 3 and returns only in 1460 years) meanwhile Peleg 8 years ago supposedly went to heaven before Noah did, and his death became Egyptian Christmas date Kayak 25 the boat of each man going to heaven (on May 6). This is because Peleg is year 340 and Noah 350 (actually 339 and 349). But extending time with planet calendars claims Noah was there first. And this is because Peleg went to heaven to be with Xisuthros (Christos) the last king before the Flood. This king was not Noah. He was the angel ruling as king who told the world not to listen to Noah. It is a lesson for today where religion uses the gov to comply to their own beliefs of God, but when the gov rules for GOD, it ignores that neither have the truth of God which is in the little org that gets killed like Jesus. But jesus saves his apostles and church, and now his church who gets raptured is murdered by the gov and its religions so that those baptized by the little org will defy the king Xisuthros the world gov and do like Noah get on an ark to a mountain. Get in those cars and get to those mountains BEFORE that asteroid strikes when Obama announces the asteroid date, and says the current election circus will not rule because we are under martial law to stay home. This election is a distarction as was ROME the year it destroyed Jerusalem in 70AD.

    Now Haran at 18 left Ur to go to build Marduk Temple at Babel in 2060bc for 210-year old Nimrod. Jasher is wrong when it says Nimrod ruled the city over Terah and Haran and Abram. The ruler of Ur was Balulu from 2066-2030bc. The timeline presumes that because king Ibbi-Sin of 1925-1900bc created the king of Nisan or Isan in 2018bc that Ibbi-Sin was dethroned in 2029bc not 1901bc. This pushes him 128 years earlier (10x 13-year Marduk or Mars). It ignores that the king was easily 30 at Peleg’s death and lived another 129 years to age 159 at death. Thus he actually created a king of Isan in 2018bc 93 years before he became the sole king of Ur’s (elders) kings in 1925bc. The point is that 1943bc Amar-Sin who is AmarPal is the son of 1991bc Shulgi (Dungi) the grandson of 2009bc Ur-Nammu who enlarged the tower of UR when Abram was 9 and Marduk Temple was 43. The defiance Abram had of AmarPal who died at 215 after ruling Ur for 9 years (1943-1934bc) is not Nimrod who died at 500 because divided confused Ur is not divided confused Babel. From Babel where Haran (age 18) gave the Marduk Temple his grandpa Nahor’s Terah TAU Marduk calendar of 2148bc July 18 as a 780-day Mars (behind the sun), then at age 20 he was taken by Nimrod to do these great things for Nineveh too in 2058bc. At 30, the Haran built his city Harran Syria on the new year 2049bc Feb 9 (Mayan 20-day shift is Feb 29) and so Jasher is wrong yet right when he says 2049bc Harran (the city) is 32 when Abram is born in 2018bc to his father Terah (130) two years after Noah died on 2021bc Dec 25. It is all locked by actual current existing calendar, butu the blind are stubborn and it is why God says there are no 10 men in Sodom to evacuate all the wives and daughters to save the city and take these women as wives to build elsewhere. Instead all women were destroyed in a SHEM-predicted natural disaster because not even 10 men agreed with Lot or the two men who informed Lot.

  8. Joe Pranevich if you really love charts, i make about 5 every day and so literally have 1000s 2000s, they include the star skies of specific ancinet 2000bc dates. Chinese calendar, Mayan, Hindu, Egyptian all branched like one tree, not fabricated new, but having their source evolved from a source from a source etc. I do AGIFs animated GIFs with charts showing segments pop up in an educationl order, and even arrows from temples up to stars. The altar of Solomon’s temple pointing to the planet star Jova over the temple pillar 30 cubits high (the same as Noah’s ark) to show that Jupiter has met the star Regulus to the west at a 45-degree angle being 30 cubits form the temple as Mount Ararat observations were also made 30-cubits away from the Ark.

    Animations inlcude Mars rising at the end of Marduk Street 2009bc July 8.

  9. All these stories point to our deliverer, Messiah Lord Jesus Christ Saviour Redeemer & friend of sinners. Yet you argue over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. You do grieve the Holy Ghost.

    When Christ Jesus was asked, how shall we know your disciples? His reply, “It’s those that love one another!”
    1 John 3:14
    We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brothers. He that loves not his brother stays in death.
    1st John 4:21
    And this commandment have we from him, That he who loves God love his brother also.

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