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Biblical Price Index

In my last post, I asked whether or not Abraham was cheated out of his land deal by Ephron the Hittite. 400 shekels of silver mean nothing to us, but the early readers of the bible toiled in their labors for a few shekels and would have known immediately what one was worth. To answer this question, we need some basis for comparison, a pricing guide in shekels. I’ve scoured the bible for every listed price and put a few of them together for this chart:

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The Bible and the Buffett Rule

As research for possible future posts, I’ve been examining money matters in the bible: how money is used, what it’s worth, taxation, and tithing. The bible says a surprising amount about money and I’m enjoying the nuances between some of the Old and New Testament ideas. If you’re crazy like I am, it’s fantastic reading.

As we enter an election season in the US, tax reform is a topic that keeps coming up. One of the reforms proposed is the so-called “Buffett Rule“. Named for billionaire Warren Buffett, it centers on the idea that the wealthy shouldn’t pay less in taxes (as a percentage) than those in the lower classes. It’s an important idea and one that has many ramifications, but if you want to learn about them I recommend finding a good economics blog.

The question that I had never thought to ask was, “Does the bible support unequal taxation of the rich and poor?” Until today.

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